I’m a math professor. But I’m also a writer. I have the advantage of having a day job, but, like my hero, Professor Tolkien, it also means my urgency to publish is less than my perfectionism. This blog is intended to push both of those buttons. So please read and comment, criticize constructively, encourage, even contribute. It all helps.

As of December 2015, this blog has produced six full novels (of uneven quality, as my readers, both of them!, will attest to) and also occasional commentary on writing. Oddly, the latter is more interesting to people than the former, but I’ve had very nice feedback from my readers (both of them!) and it’s kept me on pace. I’m still trying to get 500-1000 words done per day when I’m in a novel, which is about twice a year.

If you want to contact me directly, my email is paulgies@maine.edu …that’s me, in the Division of Math and Computer Science at the world’s greatest producer of teachers, the University of Maine at Farmington. (It’s also a darn good place to get a degree in math or actuarial science or creative writing. Trust me on this.)



This is me, after a vigorous hike up our local Bald Mountain