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Dear reader,

Clearly the tale of Ryel and Arkmar has many episodes to go, but I’m coming to the end of the first part, at least. I envision one more chapter (Chapter Nine) after this one. I am keeping the chapter pages updated as I finish the chapters and fix them up. Clearly, too, this is just a first draft, and if I want to do more with this series, I’m going to start with a major makeover of this first novel.

But as for the Announcement: As of 1 November, I’m going to start posting on a new story. I challenge anyone else who fancies her- or himself a novelist, and especially anyone who has never up to now finished a novel, to take part in what I’m calling a SloNoWriMos: a Slow Novel Writing Month(s). The rules:

(1) Write at least 500 words per day. (I’ve been doing 1000 words a day on Ryel, but it’s an hour of my precious time; it’s cut way into my re-watching of the Harry Potter movies.) You can write more, much more, but you’re committing yourself to moving the word count by +500 every day.

(2) Post it on a blog. I’m going to post mine right here on WordPress.

(3) Follow anyone else who is doing the same thing. If they’re following you, and they’re posting daily, try to follow their stuff.

(4) Make helpful and encouraging comments.

For me, the bottom line is the story, not whether the story earns a publishing contract. It’s about producing a decent tale, and appreciating the tales others post.

If you’re thinking about doing this, do comment below. Again, the start date is 1 November. At that rate, even if you only produce 500 a day, you’ll hit 80,000 (about 200 pages) in about five months. You could produce a work the length of the seven Harry Potter novels in—six years! Just keep writing. You can do it.