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Yep. I’ve finished the first leg of Ryel’s journey: Ryel and Arkmar and the First Six Pieces of Dream. Now for my next trick…

Tomorrow, I and some other people will be starting in on what I’m calling SloNoWriMos, with apologies, sincere ones, to the people behind NaNoWriMo. The rules are:

(1) Start 1 November 2013

(2) Write at least 500 words each day (you can write more, but you can’t write less; you’re not allowed to average, so no working ahead!)

(3) Go till you have at least 50,000 (I think 80K is about the right length but it’s personal)

(4) Post on a blog, unless you are particularly shy about it; at least keep your public updated

It’s totally informal, of course. But if YOU’RE doing this, let ME know please… I will try and keep up with what you are writing and possibly even give you thumbs ups and attaboys/attagirls. Please do the same for me. I tend to feel like “suggestions” is going a bit far, but “I likes” are helpful.

The whole point is to be creative, keep that brain working, and keep, as Kingsley Amis would say, applying the seat of the pants to the seat of the chair and writing.

Paul J Gies