His Daughter Sophie

When Sophie was ten, eleven, twelve, it seemed like she would grow up and grow old as a farm girl. The whole world was her village and her dad’s fields and her horse and her ability to get the livestock to do what she wanted them to do. Then things changed.

His Daughter Sophie is a realistic tale of life in the early middle ages. Set in an imaginary kingdom, it tells how Sophie and her father cope with invasion and convulsion and war, lose the home where Sophie was born, and set off into the wide world to find friends and a place to make their stand.

I have already written the first eight chapters—as I’ve said before, my ex-wife hated the story and everyone in it, so I stopped writing it after Chapter Six, and when we got divorced, I looked at it again and read it to my girlfriend, now my wife, Laura Seames (of peaceloveandmath). She liked it. A lot. So I started up again.

It’s realistic fantasy, if you will: don’t expect magic spells or dragons. Don’t expect Sophie to either slaughter a hundred men in one battle, or do the Dance of the Seven Veils, or slaughter a hundred men after doing the Dance of the Seven Veils. Expect her to be Sophie: a big tall girl who thinks straight and can handle a situation. She needs to be that, because the kingdom is crumbling and people’s lives are falling apart.

I plan on posting a chapter at a time, once a week or possibly twice. I don’t know how fast the rest of this is going to go, but Sophie tends to write fast. I will post the larger sections as pages, as I finish posting the chapters. (The first six chapters form Part One: Sophie and her dad.)

So please read: I think you’ll like Sophie, and Dad. Let me know what you think.

Paul J Gies, Wilton ME, USA, 17 December 2014