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Merry Christmas all… and from my beautiful and brilliant and unexpectedly devious wife, Laura Seames (peaceloveandmath), an unexpected present: my YA-ish fantasy novel Princess of Ghosts is now available as an e-book, for a whopping 99 cents!


Little Princess Alice is the fifth child of the King of the landlocked Kingdom of Ambrai. No one expects her to do more with her life than marry well, but with invasions and betrayals and murder and war, she has to learn to use her sword and her bow, and rely on her friends and on a mysterious connection to the dead. It takes all of these and all the strength she can grow into for her to set things right and take her rightful place in her kingdom’s history.

It’s not new work (I finished it in 2000 or so) but that means it’s heavily rewritten and well-polished, most recently this fall when I read it aloud to Laura. It’s quite accessible and it’s ready for prime time. And at 99 cents…!

And if you should happen to check it out, you’ll find, like I did, that Alice is tough and brainy and irresistible. She’s so irresistible that I couldn’t bring myself to kill her or most of her friends. If she ever meets me, she’ll have some complaints about how I treated her, but she comes out okay in the end.