His Daughter Sophie is finished. I need to rewrite it, but it’s finished. There will, at some point, be a sequel: Sophie has more to do, obviously.

But the next thing I’m going to concentrate on is: my job. I am teaching an overload at the University of Maine at Farmington this semester, and I am enjoying my classes a lot, and my students work hard and deserve my full attention. And oh, by the way, my wife, the beautiful Laura, deserves my fuller than full attention, as do the boys and the six cats.

And then, around mid-May, I will embark on an entirely new series: the story of time traveling wizard cop Lilah Bay.

That leaves me with a pleasantly full dance card for the next few years of writing:

  • The second of three Ryel tales
  • The second of three Sophie tales
  • The final third of the Clay Gilbert trilogy
  • More Lilah Bay
  • Maybe more Jacky Clothilde
  • Maybe more of the Lyceum Story

And I am going to throw the summer into trying to get published, and meanwhile Laura and I are getting the Jacky Clothilde novels ready to self-publish on Amazon. So along with the one-off fantasy coming of age novel Princess of Ghosts, already for sale at a whopping 99 cents, we will have:

  • The Voyage of Ginger Glass
  • The Circle’s End
  • The Trap
  • The Knot
  • The Tumbling Ring

…which comprise the cycle of Jacky’s fragmented life.

I do hope someone is reading all this. Trust me. It’s worth a read. And when you do read any of the things up on WordPress or on Amazon, let me know.