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Yesterday (3 October 2015, a Date in History!)  I wrote THE END.


If you too are an amateur novelist, I strongly encourage you to actually type THE END at the end. It’s very satisfying. And then take a screen shot. And publish it on your blog. Done!

The next two or three weeks will see me rereading Dark Hug. I will repost the chapter files, so, if you’re either of my two readers (actually I think I may have five or six), you’ll see a much more finished product and it should make a lot more sense.

Dark Hug is a mystery novel, with Lilah Bay as the detective. It’s the first mystery I’ve tried to write. And since it also involves time travel, you can imagine there will be a lot more to the sense-making process than there was with the fairly linear and literally wide open space of The Road to Bluehorse.

One more comment from the author. Lilah is my first black main character. Not to give anything away, her universe was made by someone who had some experience with the way the modern world treats race and class, and so she represents some of that. I am neither black nor a woman, so I need to approach this all with humility, but I’d noticed a tendency on crime shows to have the black guy (gal, in Person of Interest) cop who’s a straight arrow, tough on the outside, and also probably the only black character, a sidekick. I wanted Lilah to be the central character, the one through whose eyes we see the world. I hope I did right by her.

Anyway, I still have about four chapters of backlog, so I’ll be posting new Lilah material for weeks yet.