Dear reader(s),

I finished The Dark Hug of Time last month, in a flood of tears and about 12,000 words in the final week. I’ve been blogging the last sections of it (or forgetting to) ever since. I have, I think, two more sections to post, and the final chapter page to put up.

I am not doing NaNoWriMo in any form this year. Instead, I’m revising: I’m in the middle of rereading and rewriting The Road to Bluehorse, with an eye to publishing it. My plan is to read Bluehorse and then read through (and edit) Homeward by Night, and maybe then start in on the third of the trilogy, in which Clay and Rachel and Su Park and Natasha and Vera and Captain Kalkar and the rest make peace with their local aliens and prepare to take on the Ngugma.

Or I might write a sequel to His Daughter Sophie, or to Ryel and Arkmar, or start another project. We shall see.

In any case, there’s enough of my science fiction and fantasy up already as chapter pages for anyone so inclined to amuse themselves for a long time. And if you really really want to read some good Gies, you could email me and I’ll send you a pdf of The Tale of Countess Vivian, or of my Jacky novels.

Or you could buy:


(The one and only customer review is a true keeper: “Each time I went to read I had that special excitement that you only get from a great story. I’ve read two books by this author and would love to see more by him. Definitely worth the .99. Creative, intriguing and a nice change from some of the other junk out there. Hurry up and buy this. You won’t want to miss meeting Alice.” THANK YOU!)