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Dear readers (both of you! ha ha):

I’m about done writing Chapter Eight, even as I steam through posting the very eventful Chapter Seven. I think we’re about 40% of the way through what I am now thinking of as “The Daisy Thing” or “The Sorceress Daisy.” (“Daisy Enchanted” seemed a stretch.) When you post as you go, you’re inevitably going to have some changes of mind, discontinuities and just plain pentimenti. (WordPress doesn’t like any way I spell that.) I thought I would mention several.

  1. I realized a week or so ago that there are no cats in the story and Daisy seems like a cat person. So instead of going back and changing the past (viz Lucette, below), I have a cat move in with Daisy. And Zelin, who wasn’t even supposed to be a major character (this happens all the time—notably, it happened to Tolkien with Faramir), has a cat, whose name I don’t yet know.
  2. Lucette is a much more important character than I thought. When I started this, I resisted the temptation to have Daisy matched up against a Popular Girl. Eventually Popular Girl worked her way into the story, and by Chapter Seven it was clear Lucette needed to be one of the main antagonists. I did go back and rewrite the early chapters, especially the first chapter, so if you happen to actually be reading this as I post it, you might want to reread Chapter One in page form. (Just pull down from the Daisy’s Thing heading.)
  3. I’m STILL not sure who I want going with them on their next quest. I know what they’re seeking, and I know it’s more powerful and important than they realize, but who the other warrior is I still am not sure. Can’t wait to find out.

This whole thing is, as always, just a first draft, and the fact that I’m writing about a week ahead doesn’t mean it’s all the way it should end up. So bear with me and do comment (and like, if you like). Your comments are much appreciated and may well affect what I wind up doing.

Thanks again for being my reader,