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Dear reader(s):

I’m going to post again tomorrow. But I’ve been thinking about what I’ve been doing with this blog the past couple of years. I have a steady readership (maybe five or ten people out of over a hundred followers on WordPress, and maybe another five or ten on Tumblr) but I get few likes and almost no comments.

Possibly the issue is that I’m posting my first drafts. There’s no reason for me to do it that way. In any case, I will be finished with Friends of the Sky within the next month, and then the real question is, what do I do with the side of me that can’t stop writing? (Seriously. I don’t understand writers’ block. I just don’t get it.)

Off the blog, my plan is to:

  1. Work on getting published. There’s a serious chance that The Road to Bluehorse will be in print within the year. Or the thing could fall through. I’ve only dabbled in looking for an agent, and I’ve already had nibbles.
  2. I really want to publish my first and longest novel, The Tale of Countess Vivian, but I think I need to reread it and fix it up first. So that’s next up in my workload this fall, along with grading and teaching and cleaning up after cats and boys.
  3. Rewrite Daisy in the Dark, which I think is very publishable (My So-Called Life meets Dungeons and Dragons). I want to add in a third item, the Cup of Wonders, and a couple of new middle chapters.

On the blog, what then? I’m thinking of working in a shorter form, with a series of short to very short stories that connect into a long to very long narrative arc, like a series of 500 ten-minute movies. I’m already thinking a lot about what the story would be about: a middle-aged teacher turns out to be a centuries-old wizard woman undercover; she goes on a journey in pursuit of an enemy who has stolen something; the journey takes place in a changeable fantasy world with the geometry, though not the atmosphere, of Stephen King’s Midworld.

My idea is to publish two of these a week,starting in late fall and continuing until sometime after I’m dead. The purpose is to amuse me and see new things, and possibly, hopefully, to amuse and interest other readers.

Would you be amused by that? What do you think? Give me a like or a comment. How hard could that be?