I’m putting this out there not because it hasn’t been said, but because it hasn’t been said nearly enough.

Laissez Faire

As I continue to write in my book and developing my female lead, I have been more hyper aware lately of when I fall into writing my female into a gender trap, and I’ve become more disillusioned by the women I’m seeing on television and movies.    On top of there being a lack of diversity in both ethnicity, age, and sexuality there is the decided lack of sensible depictions of women in general.

For one example, let’s look at Rosita from the television series The Walking Dead.    I am aware, that comic book females are often drawn in impossible poses with a general lack of practical outfits (the male characters are far more diverse even though they, too, have their own gender traps).    That said, many things are adapted for television for realism in a visual format, and that’s my focus.


Consider Rosita the first time we meet…

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