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Dear reader(s),

I finished Friends of the Sky earlier this week. It wound up over 104,000 words; I’m now doing a first re-read and I’ve already trimmed it to 103,728. Any bets I can get it under 100K?

I’ve picked up a couple of new followers this past week. If you came in in the middle of Friends of the Sky and you want to see the beginning, I do post the completed, re-written chapters as pages on WordPress. (They’re available as pull-down menus at the top of the page you’re on, I predict.)

But two things. (1) I’m rewriting the entire novel right now. So I’ve stopped adding chapters at Chapter 8 (of fifteen). And (2) In any case, Friends is the third of a trilogy. The first two are on WordPress in complete form: The Road to Bluehorse (soon to be an actual published novel; details when I have them) and Homeward by Night. So you would probably want to start there.

I’m going to keep posting the blog, however: I’m about four and a half chapters behind. What you’re seeing there is not my rough draft but my second draft of each chapter, section by section. I’m very good on grammar and spelling (said like I expect a prize for my grammar and spelling!) so it’s not like a really rough draft.

I do like likes and comments. I really like comments. I don’t get nearly enough of them.

Thoughts? Comments? Hmm?