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Under a sky jeweled with distant stars, a green land lay in April’s evening, clutching a river valley and climbing its walls. In the middle of that land a small city’s fires winked awake, and folk gathered for ale and slew chickens and cooked them, and farmers and workers and children came in from the vast outside to the sounds and smells of the hearth. The stars wheeled, the late moon rose, and the lights began to die out, first on the farms and then in the town, the day animals fell asleep and the night animals came out, eyes wide open, the day folk went to their beds and the night folk came out and went about their business for good or ill.

So begins:


Princess of Ghosts, my one and only self-published e-book, available for $3.99 on Amazon. It’s a fantasy novel about a girl growing up on the run, a girl who has to learn her powers, learn the courage she already has, learn the strength she already has.

Take a chance, read it, review it, share it. Feel free to fall in love with Alice, and never fear, I don’t believe in tormenting my characters or my readers. And I’m not in it for the money.