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Several years ago, I started this blog as a way to showcase my writing. It dovetailed with my approach to writing: make a provisional table of contents, make myself put 500-1000 words down each day, revise when I’m done. The only addition for the blog was: insert “post the writing from a previous day on the blog” somewhere around step two.

The result was that I posted my semi-rough draft here on the blog, and on rewrite produced the chapters that became my WordPress web pages. As a way of producing content, this turned out boffo: I’ve written like ten novels in the past six years.

But in other ways, this concept fell short. Readership was up on some (Daisy, Road to Bluehorse, Ryel) and down on others (Dark Hug of Time, unfairly; also Friends of the Sky, the third of the Bluehorse series) to the point of weeks passing with just dusty tumbleweeds blowing around the blog. Why would people want to read my rough drafts? Well, most people didn’t.

It also wasn’t getting my stuff published, although I did get a sort of break from the blog at one point. But ironically (perhaps), my update notes—posts like this one—often got a lot more hits than my novels themselves. My writings about writing did well. And when I bit my lip and posted a rant about the American voter and our new president-elect, I got eighty views in one day. (The math problem I posted, however, didn’t do very well, because, you know, math.)

So my new idea for the blog is this. I’m going to post about twice a week. One post will generally be about stuff in the world—science, politics, a review, the art of writing. The other will be a micro-fiction piece, as with “Eyes“. That way, I can keep my fiction juices flowing and yet also write stuff that might be interesting, that doesn’t require that you’ve kept up with the previous 500 episodes, and that isn’t a total rough draft.

How about some comments?