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It happened. Over the weekend, I started writing again.

I plan on returning to my time cop, Lilah Bay, and a case of temporal terrorism, later this year. But this time, right now, Daisy Delatour, the young lady with personal problems and job problems and friend problems and romance problems—and a habit of going into dungeons looking for treasure—won out.

The title is Girl Necromancer, and it will see Daisy at University, studying up on those four- and five-word spells, and journeying into the catacombs under the big city of Thomasport. Her usual company is about her—her sorceress frenemy Lucette, her elf-archer buddy Zelin, her warrior boyfriend Gurth, her gay thief bestie Fenric and her trans friend, the priest Jan—along with a new character, Gwen, a monk of the Order of the Word who doesn’t actually believe in God. “Gwen has a quest,” says Daisy, and that enigmatic quest drives the whole story.

Meanwhile, my wife and editor/manager Laura is prepping Daisy in the Dark, Daisy’s first novel, to be self-published as an e-book on Amazon. Look for it—alongside my one already-self-published novel, Princess of Ghosts, which is itself a smashing read and cheap at only $2.99.

I would love to send out some review copies (in pdf format) of Daisy in the Dark, so if you haven’t read it here on WordPress (and it’s grown significantly since I posted it last year), please just email me at


and I will happily send you the manuscript. And then, when we post the novel for sale, you can review it (good, bad or ugly).

And here’s the link to how you can buy Princess of Ghosts.


Thank you and let me know what you’re thinking!