Homeward by Night

Homeward by Night is the second of three novels telling the story of Clay Gilbert and his friends, pilots of space fighters who escorted the largest colony fleet ever to set out from Earth. Now a human colony thrives in the Bluehorse system, and Clay and his lady love Rachel Andros are headed back to Earth to report, traveling at the mere speed of light. What will Earth be like two hundred and forty years after they left? What has happened in the other attempted human colonies? What will happen when they encounter aliens, already met (the mouthholes, the Primoids) or yet unmet? And will Clay annoy Rachel so much that she finally just has to throttle him? And, finally, what will they find when, if ever, they get back to the Bluehorse colony 180 years on?

As with The Road to Bluehorse,I will be posting 500-1000 words each day on my blog, and when I finish a chapter I will post that as a page under the Homeward by Night heading. Please read, like if you like, and please do comment. I need feedback.



3 thoughts on “Homeward by Night”

  1. Is this THE title or just a possible title? I LOVE it. It is perfect.

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