The Dark Hug of Time

Time was, Padva was a dungeons and dragons world. Chain mail and dragons and orcs, warriors in front, sorcerers behind them clutching torches. But worlds move on, and five generations later, the dragons are all slain or in Parliament, and the wizards work from offices.

But people are still people, even the ones who are not, strictly speaking, people. The demons may be tamed, but men and women have taken over their roles. Adding time travel to all their other powers, wizards can wreak new and better kinds of awfulness from unimaginably remote and strange hideouts.

In this criminally magical universe, Lilah Bay was a cop. But she did something or found something or caught someone doing something, and the next thing she knows, she’s being rescued from a place she doesn’t remember going, by someone she’s never met. His name is Marius and he has a job for her.

So begins the tale of Lilah Bay, time detective, and her newly hired assistant detectives. Their charge is to police the universes and time streams. It hardly seems likely they can do this without, again, finding things out that they might have been better off not knowing.

I plan on three novels at the least. The first, The Dark Hug of Time, I will post a section of each day, and as I finish chapters and edit to my liking, I will post them as pages. Once again, you will be in on the raw product. And the price is right, just as long as you’re not doing something Lilah would have a problem with.

Paul J Gies


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