The Lyceum of the Lake Winds

Angelica grew up with magic: her parents and her older sister all practiced it on an everyday basis, and she knew she was going to have to go off to get her magical education, at the same school where her mother had gone years ago: the Lyceum of the Lake Winds, magically hidden in a transformed, abandoned public school in Chicago. What she couldn’t have known was that she was going to do things even magical twelve-year-olds never dream of doing, learn things even her parents never imagined, and catch footballs for touchdowns.

This little novel, which is quite obviously the first of a series, started off as a role-playing game but took on a life of its own. I will post a few pages every day, and post the chapters as pages as I finish them. Please read, enjoy, LIKE if you like, and comment. I am particularly interested in continuity errors.

Paul J Gies


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