Friends of the Sky

The third and final novel of the Bluehorse trilogy, Friends of the Sky sees Clay, Rachel and the rest of humanity’s best fighter pilots seeking out the Ngugma, and revenge or peace or both, across the Orion Arm of the Galaxy. They will travel further than they have ever traveled, and learn mysteries they did not even know were mysteries, including the fact that they are not just survivors of the nearly-exterminated species Homo sapiens, but the best fighter pilots in the Galaxy.

As usual, I will be posting daily, and once a week or so, when I finish a chapter, I’ll edit that up real good and then post it as a Page, with this page as its parent. The ultimate goal is to: get this all published, and tell a cracking good story, and find out, for myself, what’s really going on at the center of the Milky Way, so far away that if you traveled there and back at the speed of light, it would be sixty frickin’ thousand years later when you got back.

Enjoy, and, as usual, let me know with a like and a comment when you read it.