His Daughter Sophie

Sophie is a girl growing into a young woman. She’s faced with the mysteries and unfairness of adult life, with losing the things she’s depended on and leaving the world she’s grown up in, and with deciding or accepting which things she can keep and which things she must say goodbye to. Leaving her childhood behind, she finds herself in an alien and senseless environment. Just like the rest of us.

But Sophie is also a farm girl of the Dark Age,  the resident and product of one of the ephemeral little kingdoms of the world of the early Middle Ages. She lives in a medieval world without dragons or wizards, lacking in beautiful princesses or wise kings or conniving courtiers, with neither a white magic nor a dark, with nary a McGuffin in sight. She is forced to figure out what is right and what role she can play and how she can save herself and how much of the world she can, or needs to, save, but she is forced to do this figuring not by a mean boyfriend or a zombie apocalypse but by the appearance of, basically, Huns and Vikings.

His Daughter Sophie is a novel in chapters arranged into longer sections, and each of these, as I finish editing it, will be posted as a page. This will be the fifth novel I’ve posted on WordPress so far, and I hope you will read it and comment on it and let me know how I can improve it with an eye to paper publication at some point.

Do you want to know a secret? I like Sophie a lot. Don’t tell her so, though she probably wouldn’t believe it. But she’s the kind of character (and her dad is too, I like him a lot as well) that I want to write more about just so I can see what she does, and says, next.


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